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If you’ve been thinking of a place with an real bustling downtown, tree-lined streets, and walking to just about everything, Old Towne Orange is right for you. There’s even a traffic circle right in the center of town and a renown university. Like Old Town Tustin, Old Towne Orange has its roots in the 19th century and agriculture. However, the railroad came to Old Towne Orange and, as a result, it grew to be much larger. There are more houses, more shops, more restaurants, but also more traffic and more bustle (and you’ll need more greenbacks to buy the same house) .


Old Towne Orange | OC Historic HomesOne of the most unique things about Old Towne Orange is the variety of architectural styles and sizes of homes. There are 500 square foot clapboard bungalows on postage stamp plots and sprawling brick mansions on double lots. The majority of the homes in Old Towne are craftsman bungalows built between 1915 and 1930. But also with a strong representation are Mediterranean, French, and Spanish Revival. There are even some Victorian homes. The city has established a historic preservation zone, which does restrict what you can do with your home (at least visually). Approvals are required for paint schemes and even landscaping. Some homes also have Mills Act contracts. This can provide for substantial property tax savings, but also leads to stricter conditions. These restriction do help preserve the historic nature of the homes and its readily apparent.


Old Towne Orange | OC Historic Homes

Old Towne Orange has too many activities to list. Even simple things, like decorating homes for the 4th of July are a big deal in Old Towne. Perhaps the biggest event of the year comes on Labor Day weekend at the end of the summer. The streets are transformed into geographic regions for the International Street Fair.  “The Circle,” as the central part of downtown is called, is often host to car shows and other events. Holidays are taken very seriously in Old Towne and Halloween brings about an army children in costumes and a plethora of haunted houses.

Perhaps one of the best “activities” is partaking in the vibrant restaurant scene. Old Towne Orange is a delight for the homebuyer who wants numerous dining options within walking distance. Personal favorites are: Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen, Ruby’s at the Depot, Blue Frog Cafe, and Felix Continental Cafe.

Crime and Schools

Old Towne area of Orange is safe but even outsiders will notice that things degrade once you pass to the West side of Batavia street. The police station in Orange (along with the City Hall and largest library) are located in close proximity to Old Towne and that keeps crime at bay. Orange definitely has one of the better school districts in Orange County, especially for elementary.

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