The art of Window Restoration and Repair

Old Towne Orange | OC Historic HomesOrange County has some of the nicest historic homes in all of Southern California. Especially in Old Towne Orange, where the windows look as pristine and original as they did in the 1940’s.

But like all things that have stood the test of time, those windows need a little tender love and care to keep them looking their best. And that’s where Window Restoration & Repairs founders, Ed Sanchez and Scott Goldfarb, who’ve been manufacturing and restoring windows since 1983, found their passion.

“Repairing windows is all we do” says Ed Sanchez

For the last ten years, Ed and Scott have restored windows in the historical communities in Orange County and Los Angeles. And in the process, they’ve used their wealth of knowledge to keep windows looking and fitting perfectly. They also understand that, while there’s value in keeping the home as original as possible, there is nothing wrong with some of the current comforts of today. Which is why they’ve discovered ways to fully weather strip older windows that insulate homes.

“With new techniques you can now weatherstrip a 100 year old double hung and casement window with modern silicone (no glue)”

Most importantly, Ed and Scott try to use original supplies and techniques to restore and repair the windows. For the rope pulley windows, they use the original rope company, Sampson Rope. For double hung windows, they try to restore the current weights but have replicas on stand-by to bring the same feel to all of your windows. Knowing that wood from the 30’s to 50’s was stronger, due to the fact it was older wood and not grown to be cut, they try to use and restore the original wood in an attempt to bring forth the best quality and most durable window possible.

“If it lasts 70 to 80 years it can last another 70-80 years, plastic will not”

Apart from taking care of windows in Old Towne Orange, Ed and Scott have also worked on hundreds of homes in Santa Ana’s Floral Park and the Anaheim Colony. But no matter where they’re working, their love for breathing life into the windows of historical places continues to inspire them.

You can find them at any of the Floral Park Home Tour on Sunday, April 29th, and at the Bungalow Heaven Home Tour, at 827 North Chester Ave.

If you are interested in buying or selling an Orange County Historical Home, please do not hesitate to contact me, email us at, or call (949) 200-7795. 

A Chili Sampling of Epic Proportions

Though successful at the 2011 Tustin Chili Cook-Off, MeadeFirst’s entry didn’t warrant the People’s Choice Award. But that wasn’t exactly their fault.

“We didn’t win because it’s based on how many tickets you get,” founder Stephen Meade said, speaking of the Cook-Off’s voting method. “So basically, the more chili you have, the more tickets you accrue. But word on the street was that we had one of the best tasting chili’s available, and probably the meatiest!”

So despite the 32 gallons they entered last June, MeadeFirst set out to improve their product this year by hosting a chili sampling of epic proportions. (And if you think that sounds hyperbolic, all you have to do is show up at this year’s Cook-Off.)

Joined by colleagues within the real estate, Orange County Mid-Century Moderns, and historic homes industries, along with friends and prospective buyers from surrounding cities, beer and wine were poured, chips were chomped, and shop was talked as parties from various backgrounds became acquainted with one another.

But after the scents from the chili pots had toyed with everyone’s taste buds, Meade cut the music and cleared his voice: “Ladies and Gents,” he said, “I now present the chili!”

Bowls of the chili – which fused a thick meat with a spicy aftertaste full of richness – were consumed in abundance over the next thirty minutes. And judging solely by the expressions of everyone in attendance, it appears that MeadeFirst’s entry has a great shot at the People’s Choice Award this year.

That is, if they bring enough to feed a crowd that will probably come back for seconds, thirds and fourths.


The Beauty of Orange County

Every mega-region in the country is jealous of Southern California because of how beautiful the weather is year-round. While other cities have battled rain and snow since November, we’ve been dealing with 75-degree beach days that have probably made us question our stance on Global Warming. Fortunately, there’s a lot to do around here. So as you’re preparing your to-do list this spring, we’ve got a few things worth considering. After all, the rest of the country needs someone to live vicariously through.


There’s a four-mile jewel of a hike that winds in and out of Weir Canyon. Between serene valleys, rugged foothills and sights toward the higher reaches of the Santa Ana Mountains, the views will steal your breath throughout the trek. And best of all, this relatively small sliver of land is one of the newest trails of the Orange County regional parks. Be one of the first to make your own tracks!

More info: Trail Guide


If you head south on the 55 and drive ‘til it ends, you’ll find yourself in Newport Beach. And if you find yourself in Newport Beach, you’ve found Balboa Island. One of the loveliest places in California, Balboa Island puts shopping, boating and eating into a blender and cooks up one of the most relaxing atmosphere’s you’ll ever step into. And if you’re free on May 20th, stop by the ArtWalk for over one mile of art, booths and live music.

More info: Balboa Island


On Sunday, June 3, from 11 am to 5:30 pm, the Tustin Street Fair and Chili Cook-Off will take Old Town Tustin by storm. Featuring craft booths, non-profit food vendors, a kids area and a whole slew of entertainment, the 28th annual event is a can’t-miss for you and your taste buds. The event is great for the whole family and all procedes go to local charities. Also, come check out the MeadeFirst Booth, we will be featuring our Tri-tip chili.

More info: Tustin Chili Cookoff


From ticket prices to the level of play, Angels baseball is extremely competitive in Anaheim, especially with the off-season signings of all-stars Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson. Although most tickets are expensive, the Big A Plan will get you ten tickets for $15 each. At an unbeatable price, you can enjoy the thrills of Major League Baseball in an outdoor setting tailored perfectly for an outing with family and friends.

More info: Angels Ticketing

Old Towne Orange

The historic district of Old Towne Orange is a one square-mile patch of land that contains many original structures from the 1940s. Of those edifices, one of the finest is The Filling Station Café, which bridges a distinct offering of food and beverages with a nostalgic atmosphere that reflects the local community’s history and heritage.

More info: Filling Station Cafe


Between this list of to-do’s and the natural backdrop that supports them, Southern California gives you plenty of reasons to get outside. So what are you waiting for?

If you’re looking to move here permanently, or have any questions about the area, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at or (949) 200-7795.