[For Sale] Anaheim Colony w/Extra Unit

128 S Melrose - Anaheim, CA | Anaheim Colony | Orange County Historic Home

128 S Melrose – Anaheim, CA

One of the coolest things about buying a historic home in Orange County is the range of sizes, locations and prices. From 2 bedroom craftsman bungalows in Santa Ana to Mediterranean revival mansions in Old Towne Orange, there is a historic home for every budget. One area that is often overlooked is the Anaheim Colony district in Anaheim. It has a great central location in Orange County but the prices are much more affordable than Old Towne Orange.   

This is a cool house for a lot of reasons. By OC Historic Homes standards, this one is older than most and it still has the super wide plank wood flooring. Another detail I love about this house is the high ceilings. This is a small house, but it doesn’t feel like one because of the ceilings. I also like the original windows…a feature that’s very hard to replicate if they are gone. The kitchen looks like someone started to renovate with some period-correct oak cabinets but then finished the job with cheaper Home Depot-grade materials. I think there’s a lot of potential to finish this one right and keep it under budget.

When looking at historic homes for sale in Orange County, probably the biggest factor never explained on the MLS is the neighborhood. The Anaheim Colony is a “transitional” neighborhood. That’s really nice Realtor-speak for: Neighborhood is getting rejuvenated, but some streets are definitely better than others. During my time at the house two neighbors came up to chat — this is a GREAT sign. Both were nice guys and the street doesn’t get a lot of traffic. It turns out the former head of the historic society used to live across the street.

As an added bonus on this property, it also includes an extra one bedroom unit in back. I haven’t checked the city records to see if it is fully legal as a second rental unit, but it appears to have been there a long time (built in the 60s, I think) and the unit has a separate house number. Economically, if this unit is legal, it could make this property an EXCELLENT opportunity to someone who wants to have their mortgage largely paid by a renter.


If you would like to tour this home, please do not hesitate to contact me, email us at OCHistoricHomes@MeadeFirst.com, or call (949) 200-7795. This home is not my listing, but me and my team know and love historic homes. We’re passionate about homes with character.


Listed by Mauricio Restrepo, Real Estate Alliance 



The Artistic Side of Old Town Tustin

The Art Scene of Old Town Tustin

When people think about Old Town Tustin, most people think about the Chili Cook Off (which we’ll be serving at again this year!) and Tustin Tiller days. Some folks may have also heard about the art walk that happens annually. My husband is a sculptor and had a booth at the art walk in 2010. Sitting there with him, we got to meet a lot of Tustin residents. We learned that like us, other artists also chose to live in Tustin. We like it because it has a great mix of culture, some wonderful architecture and an open minded community.

Since then, we’ve noticed that Tustin’s artist community has begun to expand. New galleries have joined older galleries in the Old Town area and I couldn’t be more excited! Not only do we have more than just a couple of artists, we have artists of all types living and making a living here in our town.

Old Town Tustin Art sceneI had the pleasure of speaking with Suzanne at Orange Oak Studios via email this week. I wanted to know why she’d chosen Tustin as her nest. Suzanne is originally from Napa and is getting her MFA at Claremont Graduate University. Her studio is located in the new lofts that were built on Prospect and 3rd street where she paints fine art with oils and doodles with pen, ink, oil and acrylic. (A unique feature that these new lofts provide is work and living space together – a rarity in Orange County.) Some of her work gets cut up and turned into greeting cards. Suzanne also teaches adults and children in her studio! If you’d like to check out her gallery or take some classes, you can get more information on her website: www.orangeoakstudios.com

Walking through Old Town, I’ve noticed some other galleries and work spaces.

If you’re looking to have some photos taken, or learn how to take photos, we suggest Ana Bandt Photography on Main street – www.anabrandt.com.

I’ve walked past this gallery on Main street a million times and thought it was just a jewelry store. Upon closer Old Town Tustin Art sceneinspection, I noticed that the jeweler’s bench is right in the front window. Then, I took a step back to look at the sign and found out that James Kanan is also a sculptor! The windows always seem dark, but the open sign was in the door, so I gave it a tug and walked right in. I spent some time looking at the jewelry and artwork and had a great chat with James. I love the use of Makume (think Japanese sword) in his jewelry.  www.JamesKanan.com


Large lot sizes and historic architecture is what drew my family to Tustin. We find inspiration in the history of our town and the marks left behind. Having a big yard means my husband has lots of space to work on his sculptures without disturbing our neighbors and we still have plenty of room to entertain and have a garden. If I was a gallery owner, I would love to live above my shop! I can’t think of anywhere else I could do that here in Orange County. Having art in our community enriches the culture making Tustin a great place to buy a home. I can’t imagine a better place to live!


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