Touring Downtown Anaheim – Certified Farmers’ Market and Craft Fair

Center Street Promenade in Downtown Anaheim bustles with excitement every Thursday afternoon and early evening during the certified farmers’ market and craft fair. The two blocks between Anaheim Boulevard and Clementine Street fill with smiling vendors and their colorful booths offering assorted crafted goods, garment collections, gourmet condiments, produce, snacks, meals, plants, flowers, and more during the Downtown Anaheim Farmers’ Market.

My husband and I recently had the opportunity to explore the event. The farmers’ market was especially exciting to us as we are new Anaheim residents. We parked in the adjacent parking structure and entered through the craft fair.

1 Walking up to Downtown Anaheim's Certified Farmers' Market and Craft Fair

We immediately noticed the Park & Read, a mid-century aluminum trailer home surrounded by a wood deck, potted pine trees, chairs and tables. The trailer, outfitted with bookshelves, offers a plethora of literature. The set-up created such a peaceful, whimsical vignette. How could you not stop in your tracks and admire the scene? Imagine walking out of one of the two coffee shops lining the Park & Read, plucking a story from the shelves and settling into a chair to soak up the sun and sip on an iced coffee.

2 Park & Read at Downtown Anaheim’s Farmers’ Market

We continued on through the craft fair where we saw hand-made jewelry and soaps, antique knick-knacks, vintage clothing, accessories, artwork, amongst other interesting finds.

Next up was the food area where you could find anything from humus, tamales and pupusas, to honey, roasted corn and assorted gourmet teas. The air was filled with mouthwatering aromas.

3 Delifornia in Food Court at Downtown Anaheim’s Farmers’ Market

We ended up grabbing some yummy dollar tacos and a delectable sandwich at the food court. The dollar tacos at Cervantes Mexican Kitchen were delicious. You could definitely get a great lunch without spending more than $5. We had the al pastor, beef and chicken tacos. The seasoning on the tacos was perfect. The meat, onions and cilantro were all extremely fresh. The tacos came with perfectly fried flour tortilla chips.

4 Food Court at Downtown Anaheim’s Farmers’ Market

We also visited Delifornia where we picked up a Sourdough Club from the winter menu, which has crispy prosciutto, roasted turkey, tomato, avocado, wintergreens with garlic dijonnaise. The sandwich was gone in seconds it was so scrumptious. For our side we got the very tasty potato salad. We will definitely head back to both Cervantes and Delifornia to try out more of their menu.

5 Delifornia sandwhich from the Downtown Anaheim’s Farmers’ Market

Our next initiative was to stock up on fruit and vegetables. The selection was ample. All the fruit we sampled was so sweet and fresh. We decided to shop at the stand offering organic produce and picked up some ripe strawberries, celery, cilantro and broccolini for a great price.

6 Organic Produce Available at Downtown Anaheim’s Farmers’ Market

At the far end of the farmers’ market we found a hidden gem of a booth, “The Cactus and Succulents Fat-Plant Man” stand. There, Cliff sells an impressive collection of beautiful plants. He grows his plants with care and can tell you anything about the many species he raises. His booth’s banner states in bold lettering “The Fat-Plant Man.” Cliff will explain the meaning behind his nickname is that his plants are so plump and that it doesn’t refer to his round shape whatsoever. He smiles when one chuckles in response. Cliff’s character is big and very sweet. He will give anyone a hug as soon as he or she walks under the canopy. Stop by and say “hi” to him for me.

7 Cactus and Succulents for Sale at Downtown Anaheim’s Farmers’ Market

Downtown Anaheim’s Farmers’ Market may be a little difficult to find on your first visit. I got a bit lost on the way over myself. If you habitually use Apple Maps or Google Maps on your smartphone to get around like I do, then keep in mind the following tips, as using a map app may get you close but not there.

The Farmers’ Market is on Center Street and Lemon Street. The best place to park is in the parking structure on the north corner of Center Street and Anaheim Boulevard. My advice is to take the I-5 to Lincoln Avenue. Head East on W Lincoln Avenue and turn right onto Anaheim Boulevard. You will see the parking structure on your right – turn in and park. More directions can be found here.

More information on the Downtown Anaheim Certified Farmers’ Market and Craft Fair can be found here.

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